Broiled Beef Patties (with liver!)

Beef patties are recommended on the intro diet. I make up several patties at once and broil them all on a big cookie sheet to cut down on my kitchen time later. Pulling premade patties out of the fridge or freezer is very helpful when life gets busy!

If I am feeling super healthy, I will blend up some liver (chicken has a pretty mild, unnoticable taste) and mix it in the the ground beef. If you use a food processor to grind the liver it will look like a red sauce that you can mix in with your hamburger. I only add a small amount at a time to better mask the flavor of liver because, frankly, I’m not a huge fan of it. But I am a fan of all the nutrients it adds to yoru diet!

One chicken liver is good for:
5.12 mg Iron – The recommended daily dose of iron is 18mg for women/8mg for men
1.75mg Zinc – recommended dose is 8mg for women/11mg for men.
7.41mcg Vitamin B12 – recommended dose is 2.4mg
254 mcg Folid Acid – recommended dose is 400mcg
5,864 IU Vitamin A – recommended dose is 2,300IU for women/3,000IU for men


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