A New Start… Again.

I have to laugh, because this blog post will be very similar to my last one, both apologizing for my long absence. It’s been almost a year! And again, so much has changed in my health journey. My perspective have deepened and grown.

A recap of my year.

August – Quit the diets, couldn’t handle it emotionally and needed a break. Diagnosed with c-diff, awful stuff. No wonder I couldn’t get better on my own! Felt amazing after taking antibiotics, kept eating what I wanted and enjoyed a few months of no symptoms.

September – Traveled to Chicago for a worship leader’s singer/songwriter conference.

October/November – Made the decision to take Entyvio and had my first infusion.

December – Started to feel ill again, decided that on my birthday I would do SCD again.

January 18th – Ate a last slice of amazing, wheat filled, chocolate coconut rum cake for my birthday and started the diet full tilt the next day.

Since January I’ve been struggling to want to stay on the diet, have cheated, and gone back on, and cheated, and gone back on… It’s taken me about three months to figure out how not to cheat. 😉 I’ve had incredible ups! I started running in April and completed a 5K on May 7th. I’ve done everything I possibly can to be healthy. And yet my health slowly declines. I’ve worked closely with Drs, have had a round of steroids in February and am on them again, and just can’t seem to stop symptoms such as bleeding. Through everything I’ve realized that working closely with my Dr has given me security and a listening ear. I trust my Dr and know he is striving for my health. We are going to Seattle in July to see a top IBD specialist at his recommendation and Josh and I are looking forward to the trip. I’m going to call him tomorrow (at his request) to give him an update on how I’m doing and we will continue brainstorming about how I can feel better.

One thing I will be starting is eating only pureed for for a week. I really feel like my digestive system needs a break, so I’ve actually gotten a bunch of organic baby food (to make it easy on me in the kitchen) and will be drinking bone broth with meals as well. We will see if this helps.

One other thing, probably more important than what I eat or how I introduce foods, is my mental game plan. I realized in April that running was one of the best activities I could do. Now, when I say”run” I really mean “walk/slow jog,” but the activity and the incredible sense of empowerment that comes with getting out there was surprising to me. It’s something I can’t afford to give up. The other thing I started doing was listening to scripture in the morning – on audio book with a Bible app on my phone. Listening while I sit and drink my coffee (soon to be switched for bone broth) allowed me to pick up things that I hadn’t gotten from just reading it silently. It’s probably just a fresh way of approaching scripture for me, but regardless, steeping myself in it every morning and being grateful to God for His love is also something I can’t afford to live without.

This blog has been a place for me to process my health journey, and it will continue to be that place, but I want to expand my health journey to my whole life. My music, my running, my family, my worship of God. It’s all connected and this past year has been all about me learning how.

Welcome back me. I wonder what’s in store this year?






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