Shut Up and Take the Compliment!

Today, in our messy kitchen, my husband looks at me and says, “you’ve come a long way. I’m really proud of you. You’ve completely rearranged how we eat in three months. That’s not easy.”

I looked around. We had just finished putting everything in the bread machine for a loaf of whole wheat bread for his lunches. There was Kombucha brewing on top of our refrigerator. Homemade sausage patties in the freezer, ready for easy breakfasts, and homemade coconut milk in the fridge. And dishes. Everywhere.

I had come a long way. But instead of seeing all the accomplishments, I saw the dishes. I saw the endless prep work, the chopping, the cooking, the mixing… I lamented all the time I spent in the kitchen, when I could be spending that time practicing my piano or composing a choir piece.

And I voiced my woes.

And my husband graciously listened.

And then something inside me shouted “Emily! Shut up and take the compliment!”

Sigh. So often I just see the dishes. I know someday all the prep work will get easier. I’ll have a good routine down and since I’ll be more familiar with what I’m doing, it will take me less time. But for now, I need to stop, see how far I’ve come, give my husband a huge hug, and thank him for the compliment.


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