The Flu

I hate being sick. Who doesn’t? And with an autoimmune disease, I feel like I am sick all the time! It has only been a few months since I started eating AIP, and while I have definitely noticed improvements in my condition, it seems like I am still very susceptible to whatever crud is floating around. My two jobs don’t really help with that, either. I work at one of Missoula’s busiest coffee shops (handling money always carries the risk of catching whatever the person before you had) and I teach music to grades K-5 at a small classical school (working with kids is a recipe for catching the cold!)

This time I caught it from my kids. Right now over half the school is out with the flu, and Thursday morning it hit me HARD. I  found a replacement for my Friday shift at the coffee shop, canceled everything I had going on for the weekend, and went to bed!

One of the most important things you can do for your body when it’s sick is sleep. And rest. REST! Even in those last few days when you are feeling better but you are not quite 100%. REST! If you are anything like me, this is the hardest part for you. My whole being wants to get out of the house and do something, or take on some new complicated project, but it is far better to restrain from too much activity and decrease your chances of a flare.

Along with tons of rest, I also have a few favorite comfort foods when I’m sick.

AIP Protein Gummies

Honey lemon gummies

These little guys pack a ton of protein in each bite when you use this gelatin. Any fruit juice will do, but to make the most of everything I consume while sick, I usually make mine with lemon juice. Sweetened with honey, these gummies are perfect for a sore throat.





ingredients for honey lemon gummies

  • 1/3 cup lemon juice
  • 3 Tbs gelatin
  • 2 Tbs raw honey




Pour your lemon juice into a small saucepan. Add the gelatin and let it sit for a while – you are waiting for the gelatin to bloom in the liquid. After 2-3 minutes, add honey, and start to heat it. Keep your heat on medium and stir until smooth. Try not to boil it, you don’t want to kill all the good probiotics found in the raw honey!

When your mixture has reached a smooth, liquid state, pour it into a bread pan and place in the freezer for 15 minutes. I’ve seen some people pour their gummies into cute silicone molds to freeze. I’d like to try this sometime, but when I’m sick I go for easy.

After your 15 minutes are up, pry the gelatin out of the bread pan. Usually this is very easy. Once you get one corner away from the pan with a knife, the rest can be pulled right out. I then use some kitchen shears to cut the gelatin up into small squares.

I’d like to tell you how long they last in the fridge, but I usually consume them all within a few hours.

Bone Broth

Bone broth is one of those perfect comfort foods. Even the smell while you make it is comforting! I try to save all my bones and freeze them, ready for broth when I need it. This time I used the bones from our Christmas Turkey. I added enough water to cover the bones in a large stock pot, and some salt and garlic to taste. Usually I add some veggies (keeping the peels on – that’s where the nutrients are!) but unfortunately I need to go grocery shopping so that wasn’t an option this time. I let it all simmer for a few hours on the stove, then strained out all the bones and other bits. I now have two large Tupperware containers of broth in my refrigerator just waiting to comfort me.  🙂

Ginger Tea

Ginger tea is one of my favorites, even when I’m not sick. I love using fresh ginger and adding honey for an irritated throat.


I chop my ginger up into small pieces, add it to hot water and let it steep for a while in my mug. Then I sweeten to taste using raw honey.

If I am very congested, I’ll breathe in the steam from my cup of hot tea. This helps clear my airways so I can actually enjoy my beverage!

Good luck on your journey towards health! Hopefully you will never need these recipes because of the flu!


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